Add the photocopier onto a laptop or desktop machine

Below are the instructions for adding the photocopier to a device and setting it as default.

Note: You will need the Provision USB Key that is located in the safe or ensure the device has access to the UK-Reports folder on the server (most staff do)

If using the USB: Plug the USB into the device

1. go to Control Panel > Devices and Printers - Click Add Printer

2. In the window that appears click the blue writing that says 'The printer that I want isn't listed'


3. Select the radio button next to: 'Add printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname' and click Next


4. Enter the Hostname or IP address as and then click Next


5. In the new window, click Have Disk, Click Browse, navigate to the following location to find the driver and then click Open:

USB Location: E:\10_15060_PCL6\Win_X64\

Server location: U:\United Kingdom\UK-Reports\Olivetti MF369 Drivers\PCL6\Win_x64\



6. Select the first one in the list and then click Next


7. Adjust the name of the printer so it is 'Olivetti MF369' and click Next


8. Click Do not share this printer and then click next


9. Select set as default and print a test page and then click finish


10. Right-click on the printer and then click Printer Preferences


11. Click on the Layout tab of the new window and then change the Print Type to be 1-Sided and click Apply


12. Click on the Quality Tab and under Select Color choose Grey Scale and click Apply


13. Click on the Other Tab and make sure that the 3 boxes below are unticked and then click Apply and close this window.

- Excel Job Control

- Remove White Background

- Thin Line Support



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